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Bao Viet Tokio Marine Insurance is always committed to operate as a Good Company for the benefits of customers, employees, business partners and society. In fact, our sustainable corporate growth cannot be separated from the corporate social responsibility initiatives that help enhance lives for the local community. Therefore, annually We focus on meaningful social charity activities promoting lives for local residents as their sustained development will lead to our company’s business opportunities, generate jobs and contribute to the local economy.

“BVTM Express” Newsletter Vol. 18 – Safety at workplace over post-social-distancing
In this issue, we would like to introduce to readers some recommendations on “Emergency Response Measures” within the enterprise in case of Covid-19 infection occurred.More info

We are pleased to inform you that our employees will continue working from home from 16/4/2020 to 22/4/2020 in response to the Directive of the Government & Peoples' Committee during Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.More info

Accompanying you to navigate through Covid-19 period, we are pleased to share with you a brief document of safety recommendations when re-operating factories.More info

We are pleased to inform you that our employees start working from home from 1/4/2020 to 15/4/2020 in response to the Directive of the Government & Peoples' Committee during Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.More info

“BVTM Express” Newsletter Vol. 17 – BOOSTING YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM
In this volume, BVTM Express would give you a quick to-do-list to boost immune system so that you keep staying healthy despite covid season.More info

Tokio Marine Insurance launched “Travel Safety Information” mobile application
Japan is one of the Asian countries with various world-renowned tourist attractions. There are two "seasons" attractive to tourists which are the cherry blossom season taking place in April and early May when the cherry blossoms are pastel pink and autumn which is the second peak taking place from September to November with the romantic beauty of brilliant red-leaf forests everywhere. The journey to explore different ideal destinations, unique culinary tradition, culturally rich festivals and bustling high-end shopping centers will bring you full of memorable experiences. To accompany customers in the journey to discover the land of rising sun, Tokio Marine Insurance Group has launched a smartphone application to provide customers and partners with travel support information. The application is considered as a safety travel guide to help tourists update information and promptly react in case of emergency such as disaster or earthquake risks... In addition, the application will continue to update detailed introduction about Japanese tourism in the coming time to help customers fully enjoy the trip. The application is provided free of charge to all customers and partners using Travel Mate International Travel Insurance product of Bao Viet Tokio Marine Insurance. More info

“BVTM Express” Newsletter Vol. 16 – Safe Driving for a Happy Tet
In this issue, there would be highlights on unsafe traffic behaviors and alerts on how to prevent traffic accident so that everyone could fully enjoy Tet holiday.More info

“BVTM Express” Newsletter Vol. 15 – Notes for cargo shipping & stowage in sea freight
In this issue, we would like to recommend some notes for packaging and preparation of export cargoes including stowage in a container when the carriers select sea transportation.More info

“BVTM Express” Newsletter Vol. 14 – Road Transport Safety in Stormy Season
We will provide you with some tips on how to ensure safety for yourself and assets when travelling on road in stormy seasons.More info

“BVTM Express” Newsletter Vol. 13 – Secure your home while on vacation
In this volume, you will be provided with tips on how to secure your home while enjoying vacation trip.More info

“BVTM Express” Newsletter Vol. 12 – Beach safety tips
In this volume, we would like to help you prepare for a safe and sound holiday with beach safety tips.More info

“BVTM Express” Newsletter Vol. 11 – Notices in healthcare insurance claims documents
In this volume, we would like to share with you basic notes to support for the preparation of valid and accurate claims documents in line with BVTM’s guidelines to minimize mistakes and speed up claims settlement process.More info

“BVTM Express” Newsletter Vol. 10 – Coping with incidents during Tet holiday
Coming the Lunar New Year, BVTM would like to help you enjoy a safe and happy Tet holiday by sharing tips to promptly deal with common incidents during the festival. More info

“BVTM Express” Newsletter Vol. 9 – Key rules to notice for traffic safety
In this volume, we would like to share with you key rules to notice for safe and sound travel all year round.More info

"BVTM Express" Newsletter Vol 8. - Property valuation in property insurance
In the last edition we have discussed about how an insufficient Sum Insured may lead to the unwanted consequences of underinsurance. In this edition we would like to continue discussing this topic by evaluating different methods of property valuation. More info

“BVTM Express” Newsletter Vol. 7_Underinsurance and its adverse impact
Insurance is a shield protecting organizations by transferring risk and ensuring financial security for the Insured. However, there are cases in which the Insured “weaken” this shield with Underinsurance.More info

“BVTM Express” Newsletter Vol. 6_Highlights on maternity policies
Accounting for 48.1% of total workforce in Vietnam, female workers are benefited from special aid & regime as stipulated in governmental policies. BVTM would like to introduce a brief of some important regulations to our reader in this month article.More info

“BVTM Express” Newsletter Vol. 5 – Highlight news on compulsory fire and explosion insurance
Decree No. 23/2018/ND-CP providing guidance on compulsory fire and explosion insurance has become effective since 15th April 2018. Get updated of the most important updates in compulsory fire and explosion insurance regulation by Decree 23. Especially, on occasion of the 22nd anniversary of BVTM establishment (5/8/1996 – 5/8/2018), we would like to award lucky readers of BVTM Express with special gifts. Get accessed to the newsletter and become lucky winners. More info

"BVTM Express" Newsletter_Vol 4_Safety advice to guard your business against flood risks
Rainy season is coming. Get updated of safety advices to guard your business with reduced losses and sooner operation resumption.More info

"BVTM Express" Newsletter_Vol 3_Risk prevention when travelling abroad
Let's equip yourself with helpful tips for a safe overseas travel.More info

"BVTM Express" Newsletter_Vol 2_Tips on car fire prevention
Let's equip yourself with tips to protect & reduce risk of fire & explosion for your car.More info

"BVTM Express" Newsletter Vol 1_"Safety tips while living in apartments"
Fires in apartments on the rise over the past time in big cities raised anxiety and insecurity of people living in apartments. To protect yourself and your family, please keep in your mind BVTM's Fire Prevention & Response Tips in our "BVTM Express" Vol. 01.More info

2015 – BVTM participated in mangrove planting activity in Quang Ninh province
Over 30 members of Bao Viet Tokio Marine including both management and staffs participated in the mangrove planting activity initiated by Tokio Marine Holdings for the last three days from 1st August to 3rd August 2015 in Dong Rui commune, Tien Yen district, Quang Ninh provinceMore info

2013 - Project of mangrove planting & supporting local typhoon victims
More info

2014 - The Cow Bank Project
The social project was implemented in 2014 to provide a sustainable means of living to poor local households in Son La ProvinceMore info

2015 – BVTM participated in voluntary donation activity to support Nepal victims
In response to voluntary donation campaign within Tokio Marine Holdings to support Nepal victims to overcome devastating impacts of catastrophic earthquakes occurred last April, all members of Bao Viet Tokio Marine voluntarily contributed part of their daily salary amount to send to the Nepal people with a hope to join hands to help the victims recover from their losses. More info

2012 - Run for children & Flea Market Activity
More info

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