The company has a Specialized Risk Engineering Team for property risk, which is fully backed up and supported by Risk Engineering Service of Tokio Marine Asia Pte. Ltd, to provide comprehensive risk management services to clients from risk assessment, risk analysis to consultancy for countermeasures.


As an added-value service, we regularly conduct risk surveys to help our customers identify risk exposures that may exist in their premises, whereby giving appropriate recommendations for the loss prevention and mitigation purpose.

Especially, we also provide infrared thermograph survey in which thermos machine is utilized to detect and measure temperature of infrared ray emitted from the electrical equipment at clients’ premises for early screening of any signal explosion risk.

Our general risk survey is mainly conducted on the following points:

Firefighting plan, safety rules and emergency Organization. Self-inspection / Maintenance of plant facilities and equipment
Status of facilities / equipment on the processes and utilities Measures and protection against fire and explosion hazards
Control over ignition sources including cutting and welding operation
Status of structural facilities in buildings including firewalls, fire doors, interior finish and partitions
Housekeeping and waste disposal
Protection against flammable and combustible storage/material
Fire protection systems
Effects on business interruption in the event of accidents

Risk Prevention Training

Safety Training
Safety Training course will be operated by Safety Engineers, who have experienced safety management in various fields such as chemical industry, paint manufacturing, food industry, pharmaceutical, steel manufacturing, furniture manufacturing and semi-conductor & electronics industries. The course is to raise safety awareness, ways to recognize and avoid various on-site hazards.

Loss prevention training & seminars
The purpose of Loss Prevention seminars is to enhance the awareness of property loss prevention within your organization and to provide assistance in achieving risk improvement methods.

Risk Management Guideline

In an attempt to protect our clients against the most typical property damage risks, we would like to introduce our Risk Management Booklet which generally explain potential risks as well as countermeasures against possible hazards to ensure safety.

Please click on below list for material download.

1. Hot Work Control ( Preview + Download here )
2. Industrial Housekeeping ( Preview + Download here )
3. Flammable Liquids Handling Safety ( Preview + Download here )
4. Electrical Safety ( Preview + Download here )
5. Fire Safety Inspection ( Preview + Download here )
6. Impairments To Fire Systems ( Preview + Download here )

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